SHDIATOOL Sintered Diamond Concrete Blade Dia 14inch/354mm Bore 25.4mm

SKU: A133141225
$101.25 $106.25

Quantities: 1pc
Size: 14 inch/354mm

Item: Sintered Diamond Saw blade Cutting Discs For Concrete

Quantity: 1pc,2pcs

Specification: Diameter: 14"/354mm, Bore 25.4mm with a washer 20mm

                        Segment height: 12mm, Segment thickness: 3.2mm


To cut concrete, brick, block, masonry etc;


1. Multipurpose - 14" blade design, mainly for concrete, brick, block and other masonry etc; not recommended for reinforced concrete and hard natural stone;

2. Special tooth design - the V-shaped tooth of the tooth is beneficial to improve the sharpness, the chip removal and heat dissipation are good, and the performance is greatly improved;

3. Sharp segmented teeth - 12mm diamond height, high-quality and mature formula, high-grade diamond, good self-grinding, long service life, and high cost performance;

4. Thickened body design - 3.2mm thickened steel structure, high hardness, sturdy and durable;

5. High quality and durability - the heat-treated cutter core reduces vibration and cutter core elasticity, and the cutter body has good rigidity and stable cutting;

6. Use Wet or Dry - High-speed hand saw or light-duty push saw recommended; MAXIMUM RPM: 4300RPM.


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Q: How do I choose the right diamond saw blade for my project?

A: The choice of diamond saw blade depends on what material to be cut and your machine type, you can have a look at our product description or our product image, there are some details about this saw blade.

Q: How long do diamond saw blades last?

A: Proper using and maintenance helps your SHDIATOOL saw blades work longer, especially wet working and regularly remove debris and resin buildup. SHDIATOOL saw blades are made of high quality diamond teeth, which are supposed to work better and longer with you.

Q:Should I choose continuous rim and segmented diamond saw blades?

A: Continuous rim diamond saw blades have a smooth, continuous edge for clean cuts with minimal chipping, usually work for materials like tile, porcelain, and glass. Segmented diamond saw blades allows for faster cutting and better cooling, making them suitable for harder materials like concrete, asphalt, and granite.

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