Diamond Hand Polishing Pad 2pcs Grit60-3000 Granite Marble Concrete Stone Sanding Disc

SKU: A98539055#60x2

Grit: Grit 60
Model: 2pcs

Item: SHDIATOOL Diamond Hand Polishing Grinding Block

Quantity: 2pcs,4pcs or 7pcs

Material: Diamond & Resin

Specification: 90*55*32mm,

 Arrow-type grit: #60,#100,#200,#400(Electroplating)

 Dot shaped grit: #800, #1500,#3000(Resin)

Application: for stone polishing, tile trimming, glass burr trimming, 

                      metal polishing and renovation, wood deburring, etc.


1.High quality diamond particles for good wear and heat resistance

2.Less dust, safer and convenient.

3.Soft foam backer,comfortable for holding,portable and economical.

4.Can be used dry without water.


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Q: How can I know if this polishing pad is suitable with my grinder?

A:Resin grinding pads are suitable for angle grinder, floor grinder, automatic grinder, handheld grinder, water blocking machine; water grinding pads are all applicable, but dry grinding pads are generally not recommended for heavy-duty machines.

Q: How long can polishing pads last?

A: Proper using and maintenance helps your SHDIATOOL grinding pads work longer, make sure it under MAX RPM, it would be better while working with water.

Q: How to pick the grit of polishing pads?

A: Grit#50-100 remove significant surface imperfections, scratches, or coatings, great for leveling uneven surfaces and preparing the material for finer grinding stages; Grit#100-200 intermediate grinding to refine the surface further after coarse grinding, help to smooth out rough areas and prepare the surface for finer grits; Grit#200-400 ideal for surface smoothing and removing minor imperfections left from coarser grinding stages; Grit#400-800 suitable for intermediate grinding to refine the surface further after coarse grinding; Grit#1000-BUFF used for polishing to achieve a high-gloss finish and enhance the clarity and depth of the surface.

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