Diamond Chamfer Beveling Bits 35/50mm Enlarging Polishing Shaping Porcelain 5/8-11

SKU: A86803558

Size: 35mm
Quantity: 1pc
Thread: 5/8-11

Product Name: SHDIATOOL 1/2pcs Vacuum Brazed Diamond Chamfer Milling Bits For Enlarging, Polishing and Bevelling The Exist Holes


Material: Diamond

Dia 35mm 1- 3/8":  Working length 35mm;  Grit #80;

Dia 50mm  2":  Working length 46mm;  Grit #80;

Quantity: 1pc,2pcs


1. Cutting edge high-end vacuum brazing process provides better performance and longer service life for the product;

2. The #80 fine-grained diamond, through fine grinding, can produce excellent surface effect on the edge of the hole, smooth and clean; 

3. Bevel Ease chamfers and stress relieves rough holes in glass, ceramic and porcelain tiles;

4. Reduce the risk of cracking with standard and large format tiles subjected to tension (eg tightened plumbing, led lights etc); 

5. It is very useful to improve aesthetic degree for the edge finishing of exposed holes.

6. Can be used wet or dry.


This is not a core bit for drilling. It doesn’t make holes but it bevels the hole cleaning and reinforcing the borders when the borders are chipped or need to be clean. 

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