SHDIATOOL 5"/125mm Diamond Flat Wheel Beveling Wheel Marble Concrete Stone

SKU: A883030510

Thickness: 10MM


  • Diameter 5"/125mm, Bore 22.23mm 

  • Thickness: 10mm (1.0CM), 15mm (1.5CM), 25mm (2.5CM)

  • Diamond grit: #30


  • Grinding and beveling for granite marble concrete stone

  • Wet or Dry working 


1. Vacuum Brazed technology provide you very high efficiency 

2. Much longer working life than electroplated wheels

3. #30 Coarse diamond grain, very sharp


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Q:Can grinding wheels be recycled?

A:Yes, grinding wheels can often be recycled or repurposed. Some manufacturers offer recycling programs for used wheels, while others may accept them as scrap metal. Check with local recycling facilities or contact the wheel manufacturer for guidance on proper disposal and recycling options.

Q: How long do grinding wheels last?

A: The lifespan of a grinding wheel depends on factors such as the material being ground, the grinding parameters, and the quality of the wheel itself. Generally, grinding wheels wear down over time and need to be replaced periodically to maintain performance and safety.

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