4inch Dry Diamond Polishing Pad for Granite 9pcs/set Mixed Grits

SKU: A6110415BT9

Set: set 1

Item: Diamond Flexible Dry Polishing Pads with M14 Thread Backer Round Shank Adapter


7pcs Polishing Pads: Mixed Grit include 1pc grit 50, 1pc grit 100, 1pc grit 200, 1pc grit 400, 1pc grit 800, 1pc grit 1500, 1pc grit 3000,

1pc M14 Backer: palstic backer or aluminum backer or rubber backer 

1pc Adapter: M14 to round shank

set1:M14 Aluminum Backer+Round Shank;set2:M14 Plastic Backer+Round Shank Adapter;

set3:M14 Rubber Backer+Round Shank;set4:M14 Plastic Backer+Round Shank Adapter (red)

Specification: Diameter 100mm 4inch, Thickness 1.5mm

Application: For granite and marble polishing


1. Flexible, suitable for different shape polishing;

2. Dry polishing, working without water, convenient and less pollution; 

3. Very competitive at price.


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